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Whether you are looking for a single large bowl to crush that hunger, a delicious addition to your weekly meal plan, or a healthy breakfast or snack option for the family, we have you covered.
Deliveries and curbside pickup are available between 8AM-6PM Monday, and Wednesday - Saturday. Curbside pickup may also be available on Tuesdays and Sundays, but please call for availability and to place your order. We deliver anywhere in Barrie and the greater Berrie area.


Craving a bowl or looking to order one of the other items we offer, like coconut bowls? Simply follow the link below to submit your order. Orders can be delivered or picked up the same day or on a day and time of your choosing.
(Date and times subject to availability.)

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$8 delivery fee

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$5 delivery fee

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Subscribe and SAVE! Our bi-weekly and monthly ThawabowlsTM subscription service lets you get your favourite bowls delivered to you every two weeks or every month, no major obligations attached. Plans can be upgraded, modified, or cancelled almost any time. All subscriptions come with FREE delivery, are tax FREE, and every new subscription comes with a FREE handcrafted coconut bowl and spoon!

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Gift Cards

Sometimes the perfect gift can be tough to find. Unbelievabowl Gift cards and e-gift cards are a tasty present they are sure to enjoy. (the bowls they can buy that is...).

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Make Changes to your subscription

Looking to make changes to your subscription? Follow the link below to request your changes. There you will be able to change the bowls in your subscription, request a change of date and/or time for your deliveries, and make a cancellation request.

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Reward-A-BowlTM Rewards Program

Loyalty and referral rewards currently available

Loyalty Rewards

Getting rewards is simple. Upon receiving your first delivery you will be given one of our cards. Each time you order from us we will stamp your card upon delivery. Collect four stamps or four stamped cards and receive one extra free bowl with your next order. In order to redeem the free bowl be sure the driver takes your card with the four stamps and some form of contact information.

Referral Rewards

As part of our subscription service we offer rewards for those who refer others. Upon Subscribing to our service you will be asked if anyone had referred you to our service. Simply give the name and/or email of the person who referred you and they will receive two additional free bowls with their subscription. Referrer must have a subscription to get the free bowl.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers to all of life's questions!

Question: Where are you located and are we able to pick up our order?
Answer:We are currently located at 94 Dunlop St W, downtown Barrie. Due to the ongoing pandemic we've made the decision to continue only offering curbside pickup or delivery and orders must be placed online to schedule your pickup or delivery.

Question: What is the difference between the deep frozen ThawabowlsTM and ready to eat?
Answer: Normally we deliver all of our bowls as a ThawabowlTM, which are deep frozen with granola on the side, so that they can be stored in your freezer. When you ask for a bowl ready to eat we give you the bowl as it would be given in store, a soft ice cream consistency, and it should be eaten upon delivery or pickup.

Question: How long does it take to thaw an UnbelievabowlTM ThawabowlTM and how should I do it?
Answer: Time will very depending on the temperature of your freezer but for proper consistency we recommend letting it sit out of the freezer for 30-45min. for small and regular size bowls and 1-1.5h for large. When it is starting to become the consistency of thick ice cream it is ready to eat. This is only a rough guide though and you should let it thaw to the consistency you enjoy most! We don't recommend leaving any bowl in the fridge overnight as this is too long out of the freezer and the bowl will not be the consistency of an authentic smoothie bowl. As an alternative to counter thawing you can also microwave the bowls to soften them. We recomend no longer than 20 second intervals from fully frozen.

Question: Do you deliver outside of Barrie?
Answer: Right now we deliver to within roughly 10-15km of Barrie and will deliver to Innisfil, Oro-Medonte, Angus, Midhurst, and Springwater. If you are outside of the delivery area we can deliver them to you at a designated location within our delivery area or, if the order is large enough, we would consider delivering directly to you depending on the location. If you aren't sure if you fall within our delivery area feel free to call us at 647-701-2083 or email us at

Question: Are any of your bowls vegan, lactose free, or gluten free?
Answer: Each bowl description page will have a symbol to indicate whether the bowl is vegan, lactose free, and/or gluten free. If you have any dietary restrictions please let us know in your order. If you are unsure or have any further questions regarding ingredients please contact us directly and we will be happy to answer them for you.

Question: What about peanut free?
Answer: We do our best to state all ingredients and toppings in our bowls. Due to the fact that we use peanut butter as an ingredient in one of our bowls we must state that all our bowls may contain nuts.

Question: Can I change any ingredients or toppings?
Answer: All of our smoothie bases are made in large batches so ingredients cannot be changed. We can however change some topping, but there is a limit of two changes per bowl.