COVID-19 Update
Unbelievabowl continues to take additional precautions to ensure the safety of our patrons. We still require all orders to be placed online and are currently offering delivery only as part of these precautions. We are currently not allowing customers into the store or offering curbside pickup as our new location is under renovations.

Healthy and delicious smoothie bowls inspired by tropical paradises
around the world.

What is a Smoothie Bowl?

A bowl that looks as good as it tastes

Smoothie Bowls

are a fresh and unique take on the traditional smoothie. Smoothie bowls combine the nutrition packed benefits of a smoothie and add the whole fruit and granola crunch of a parfait!

With an ice cream like, thick smoothie base, and a variety of delicious toppings you will fall in love with our bowls!

  • Made of pure, fresh fruit
  • No added sugar or fruit juices
  • Generous Filling portions
  • Unique and delicious flavours
  • Vegan, gluten free, and lactose free options available
About About


UnbelievabowlTM smoothie bowls can be ordered ready to eat (take-out Style) or as one of our ThawabowlTM and are available in three sizes; small 8oz, Regular 12oz, and large 24oz. All our smoothie bases are set recipes and can't be changed.


ThawabowlsTM are our deep frozen, ready made smoothie bowls. They are an ideal grab and go healthy meal or snack option and can last up to 3 months in the freezer. All bowls typically come as a ThawabowlTM when ordering online.


Due to the pandemic we were forced to operate as a delivery focused business only, however that is soon going to change!

The first official Unbelievabowl store front is coming soon! For now please continue to order online. Curbside is temporarily not available because of store renovations.

Smoothie Bowls

Learn a bit more about UnbelievabowlTM.


How do I get a Bowl?

Barrie - Innisfil - Oro - Angus - Midhurst

We accept cash, debit, credit, and various smart phone pay services. For those outside of our delivery area ThawabowlsTM can also be purchased from one of our authorized retail partners . To get regular updates and find out about our upcoming specials and promos follow us on Instagram and / or Facebook!


For now, all orders should be placed through our site. Orders can be placed as a single "one time" order or you can sign up for one of our subscription plans. Orders can be made at anytime and are currently only available for delivery. If you have any questions about ordering please feel free to contact us by phone or email.


We offer delivery within Barrie and the greater Barrie area. Orders of $45 or more and subscriptions come with FREE delivery!

Currently curbside pickup is unavailable due to our change of location and ongoing storefront renovations.


Our Story

Bringing you tropical goodness since 2019

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We first discovered smoothie bowls while traveling Central America. The unique flavours and textures combined with the hunger crushing portions made us fall in love with them. We wanted to share this experience with others, and decided to bring these unbelievable tastes and picture-worthy meals to the great white north.

Our plan is to open an official UnbelievabowlTM store in the coming year. In store you will be able to create your own smoothie bowl and choose from a variety of unique and tasty toppings not currently found on our menu. We plan to offer a variety of new products and an in store experience that truly feels like a vacation away from home. We will continue to sell our ThawabowlsTM in store as well as through our delivery / subscription service and through our retail partners. Over the coming years we plan to add new retail partners throughout Ontario and build UnbelievabowlTM into Canada's smoothie bowl brand.

Meet The BowlistasTM

Smoothie bowl specialists, conquering the world one bowl at a time




Halle has a passion for a healthy lifestyle. Along with running Unbelievabowl she also is a registered dental hygienist. Halle quit her full time job to pursue the business at the end of 2019. Halle enjoys being active and eating healthy on a daily basis and spending as much time possible with her partner Chris and their German shepherd Bo. One of her favourite new past times is creating and designing new smoothie bowl flavours for everyone to enjoy!




Chris is an Electrical Engineering Technologist who works full time at Orillia Power Distribution and owns a small web design company which he does on a part time basis. Chris's experience has allowed him to build Unbelievabowl's website and ordering system, as well as offer business management experience. Chris enjoys working on his project car, being active, and traveling. A couple of Chris's top travel destinations have been India and Costa Rica.


The Team

Our Family

The unbelievabowl team has been slowly growing over the past year.

Our Taste

We combine a variety of flavours and textures to deliver a unique experience for your taste buds. Each bowl has a unique flavour that'll make you want to try them all.

Our Service

We work hard to bring you the best smoothie bowl experience possible. We have fast reliable service, incredible flavours, and friendly staff to make your smoothie bowl purchase easy and enjoyable.

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we are always ready to serve you!