Unbelievabowl is still open for business!
As the COVID-19 situation progresses, we want to take this time to ensure all our amazing customers that Unbelievabowl is taking all precautions necessary during this time of uncertainty. We take the health and safety of our patrons very seriously and will be implementing some additional safety precautions. Starting March 17 Unbelievabowl will no longer be accepting cash payments. As an alternative we accept visa, MasterCard, debit, and all mobile pay systems like Apple pay. If you’re looking to have your items door dropped, to avoid unnecessary interaction, or would like to pre-pay for your order, credit card payment is available at checkout on our site. Curbside pickup is also now available. Unlike most other restaurants Unbelievabowl does not use third party food delivery services like Skip the Dishes, Uber Eats, or DoorDash. This means we can guarantee that all orders are handled with extra diligence right to your door! We look forward to continuing to deliver you healthy and delicious smoothie bowls during this difficult time. Thank you for your business and we hope that everyone stays safe and healthy!

Healthy and delicious smoothie bowls inspired by tropical paradises around the world.

Our Story

Bringing you tropical goodness since 2019

Smoothie Bowls

are a fresh and unique take on the traditional smoothie. Smoothie bowls combine the nutrition packed benefits of a smoothie and add the whole fruit and granola crunch of a parfait!

With a thick smoothie base, and a variety of delicious toppings you will fall in love with our bowls!

  • Made of pure, fresh fruit
  • No added sugar or fruit juices
  • Generous Filling portions
  • Unique and delicious flavours
  • Vegan, gluten free, and lactose free options available
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We first discovered smoothie bowls while traveling Central America. The unique flavours and textures combined with the hunger crushing portions made us fall in love with them. We want to share this experience with others, bringing these unbelievable tastes and insta-worthy meals to the great white north.


"This place does not compare to anywhere else; you get SO much for such a reasonable price and it’s the best tasting smoothie bowl in the whole world, fact!"  -  Erin R.

Smoothie Bowls

Learn a bit more about UnbelievabowlTM.


How do I get a Bowl?

Barrie - Innisfil - Oro - Angus - Midhurst

Orders are made directly through our website's easy and convenient ordering system. We currently accept debit, credit, and various smart phone pay services. We are currently not accepting cash due to COVID-19. To get regular updates and find out about our upcoming specials and promos follow us on Instagram and / or Facebook!


UnbelievabowlTM smoothie bowls can be ordered ready to eat or as a FroBowlTM and are available in two sizes. FroBowlsTM are the same as a ready to eat bowl but are deep frozen with granola on the side and can last up to 3 months in the freezer. They are a great grab and go breakfast or meal option and are how the bowls typically come unless specified in your order.

To enjoy a FroBowl simply let it sit out of the freezer for .5-1h for a regular size bowl and 1-2h for a large. When the bowl is the consistency of ice cream, it's ready to eat. Thaw times will vary depending on the temperature of your freezer and your consistency preference.


Bowls can be purchased as one time orders or through our subscription service. One time orders can be made at anytime and can be delivered or picked up directly from our kitchen. Whether you're looking for delivery or curbside pickup all orders must made through our site.

While filling out your order you will have the opportunity to specify if you would like any of your bowls thawed and ready to eat when they are delivered or picked up.


We offer delivery within Barrie and the greater Barrie area. Deliveries are available five days a week, between 8AM-6PM Monday, and Wednesday - Saturday. One time orders of $35 or more and subscription orders come with FREE delivery! Deliveries can be made to your home, place of work, or any convenient pick up location of your choosing.

We also now offer curbside pickup! If you would like to puckup your smoothie bowls simply select curbside pickup when placing your order online.


Meet The BowlistasTM

Smoothie bowl specialists, conquering the world one bowl at a time







Think you have what it takes to be a bowlistaTM and make delicious works of art?


Our Taste

We combine a variety of flavours and textures to deliver a unique experience for your taste buds. Each bowl has a unique flavour that'll make you want to try them all.

Our Service

We work hard to bring you the best smoothie bowl experience possible. We have fast reliable service, incredible flavours, and friendly staff to make your smoothie bowl purchase easy and enjoyable.

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